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Voluntary recall of Covidien Duet TRS medical device

Medical Device Linked to 13 Injuries, Three Deaths

When it comes to thoracic surgery, medical device maker Covidien has voluntarily recalled its Duet TRS product, which has so far been linked to 13 patient injuries and three patient deaths. As it stands, the fact that so many patients have been injured or killed suggests that the Duet TRS is a dangerous and defective medical device.

What is the Duet TRS?

The Duet TRS is a medical device used not only in thoracic surgery but in other types of surgeries. (The device has only been recalled for use in thoracic surgery.) It is a "loading unit" that helps to support staple lines, but in thoracic surgery, it has been shown to cause possible damage to surrounding areas in the thorax.

This damage may cause post-operative complications, resulting in serious injury or even death.

'Our First Obligation'

In connection with the recall, a Covidien representative said, "Patient safety is our first obligation," and Covidien's voluntary recall - rather than being forced to do so by the FDA - supports Covidien's statement.

However, more than 500,000 units of the medical device have been sold, according to Covidien, and if you were one of those seriously injured (or your loved one killed) from complications caused by the Duet TRS product during thoracic surgery, you deserve compensation for the harm caused by the defective medical device.

Source: Covidien Recalls Product Connected to Deaths After Thoracic Surgery Use

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