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Mother Sues Texas Hospital for Daughter's Brain Injury

When a child is sick or injured, parents' worst fears run through their heads. They bring their children to medical professionals because they trust that doctors and nurses are ready and equipped to effectively help their children in a time of crisis. That trust was met with a terrifying reality for one mother when her daughter needed medical attention.

In 2008, a mother brought her young daughter to a Texas hospital because the child was struggling to breathe. The mother claims that the hospital staff was negligent in how they cared for the toddler, and as a result, the child now suffers from a seizure disorder.

According to reports, the medical staff did not completely fail to respond to the then 18-month-old girl. They gave her treatment and then left her and her mother alone for a couple of hours. When a nurse checked on the girl after that time, he recognized that the treatment had not helped, and her breathing condition and vitals had actually worsened.

It wasn't until after three hours since the toddler arrived at the hospital that the child's condition was stabilized. One doctor had allegedly tried to intubate her but failed, and another doctor had to step in to get the child the emergency help she needed.

Fortunately, the young girl survived the medical incident and the hospital staff's alleged medical malpractice, but she did still suffer serious brain damage as a result. Her mother is suing the doctors, nurses and the hospital because she argues that the parties failed to provide the proper standard of care to her daughter.

Among various other bases for seeking compensation, the mother wants the accused parties to pay punitive damages, plus damages on behalf of her daughter's suffering and medical expenses. We will post an update as this Texas personal injury case continues.

Source "Mother sues over daughter's ER care at Bayshore," Andrea Dearden, 15 Nov. 2010

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