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Medical mistake allegedly caused by doctor with drug use in past

In Dallas, you may be familiar with the medical providers in your area. When you hear about medical malpractice cases cropping up in the news, that can be frustrating and worrying. In this news release from April 1, the news reported that Baylor Medical Center in Plano has been charged in another medical malpractice suit.

This is the fourth medical malpractice the center has faced due to the work of a suspended neurosurgeon on its staff. The newest lawsuit claims that a former patient was severely and permanently injured when the doctor allegedly placed spinal fusion hardware into his body incorrectly. After that, the bone in the man's body was damaged, broken into fragments and caused severe nerve damage. Now, he's living in constant pain, according to the lawsuit.

Texas sisters sue for medical malpractice for mother's death

Anyone who is overweight knows the struggle of trying to lose weight in an effort to get a little healthier. For some people who are overweight, medical intervention is sometimes necessary. When the medical intervention includes surgical procedures, the person who is trying to lose weight entrusts a doctor with their life in an effort to shed some pounds. A recent medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Jefferson County District Court alleges that a doctor entrusted with a patient's life neglected to provide proper care for the patient, which ultimately ended in the patient's death.

The lawsuit was filed on March 26 by the deceased woman's three daughters. The three Texas women claim that the surgeon was supposed to remove a gastric band in the patient's stomach on March 26, 2012.

Amarillo truck accident ends with two vehicles inside restaurant

A Texas community is stunned after a serious truck accident at an Amarillo McDonald's restaurant. The incident occurred on April 8, when an 18-wheeler wreck occurred on the street in front of the fast food establishment. Witnesses said that the truck accident happened when the driver of the larger vehicle crashed into a smaller sedan. Seven people suffered injuries in the crash, though none of their injuries is thought to be life-threatening at this time.

Official reports show that three vehicles were ultimately involved in the wreck; two of those vehicles came to a stop inside the restaurant. The tractor-trailer first struck a white Honda with three occupants before plowing into a Ford Explorer that was parked in the restaurant lot. The tractor-trailer and the SUV both came to rest inside the building, with the 18-wheeler actually rolling on its side atop the smaller vehicle. Emergency crews had to spend nearly two hours extracting the truck driver from the vehicle. Several McDonald's employees required medical attention, as did the driver of the truck, the driver of the Ford and the occupants of the Honda.

Wrongful death, injuries possible with latest Ford recall

If you've been following the news in Texas, you've probably heard about recalls from GM and other car manufacturers. Now, Ford has recalled 386,000 automobiles for chassis corrosion, and that could be a cause for concern. Ford recently put out two recalls, including one for corrosion of the underbodies of vehicles in the Snow Belt states. If you've been hurt in one of these vehicles or lost a loved one due to the manufacturing defect causing an accident, you may be able to seek compensation. These issues can lead to wrongful deaths and injuries.

The recall includes around 386,000 Ford Escape models from 2001 through 2004. They allegedly have corrosion of the front subframe, which could break. That frame supports vital elements of the vehicle, like the brakes, wheels, front suspension, transmission, and engine. If broken, the corrosion would have separated the control arm, making it harder for the driver to steer. This could, of course, lead to serious injuries or deaths if an accident takes place.

New charges for driver who killed four at Texas music festival

A driver who killed four people at the South by Southwest festival in Texas is facing as many as 20 charges at this point in the proceedings, and he is being held in jail on a $3 million bond. One of the charges is capital murder, though there is some indication that the charge may be lowered to first-degree murder by the time that all is said and done.

The accident took place when the man was allegedly driving his sedan while under the influence of alcohol. His BAC was over the legal limit of .08 for those in Texas, as it was obtained by the police after the chase.

Truck accident leads to Texas teen's critical injuries

This truck accident may have you concerned. According to news reports, a young 17-year-old male from Texas was severely injured when he was struck and dragged by an 18-wheeler. He was on his way to school when the truck accident took place.

According to the story released on March 31, the 17-year-old was walking to his high school just outside San Antonio, Texas, when he was hit by an 18-wheeler and dragged approximately 40 feet. Eventually, the truck stopped, but the boy remained stuck and pinned under the tractor-trailer. Following the serious accident, the teen was left in critical condition. He was taken to University Hospital at around noon, and he was in surgery at the time of the news report.

Dallas child dies due to wrong medical diagnosis

All licensed physicians have years of education and training under their belts, but that doesn't make them immune to errors. Misdiagnosis is an all-too-common phenomena in the medical community, with some studies putting the number of cases misdiagnosed as high as 20 percent. Many are easily preventable medical mistakes that cost many lives each year. One Dallas family recently learned about the potentially devastating effects of medical misdiagnosis in a tragic way.

A 6-year-old boy was hurt when he ran into a pole and then fell onto the concrete at a local Dallas elementary school. His parents took him to the Children's Medical Center emergency room where doctors observed that his complexion was very pale, and he was writhing in pain.

Texan teen's wrongful death due to drunk driving

This tragic story of a young teen from Texas shows just how serious drunk driving accidents can be and how quickly the accident can result in death. The 19-year-old girl was involved in a drunk driving accident during her spring break while walking with a group, and now her wrongful death is making headlines. According to the March 21 news, the teen was walking with her friends along a road in Gulf Shores, Alabama, when a car hit and killed her.

The news claims that a witness saw the accident and said the man who hit her was driving all over the road before the accident. The man, who was believed to be intoxicated, was weaving through the area despite the fact that teens and younger adults were visible on both sides of the highway. The area has a speed limit of 35, according to the witness, but he believes the man was moving between 50 and 55 miles per hour at the time of the accident. At the time, there were more visitors than normal due to activities during the spring break season.

Truck accident info leads to proposals for safety technology

If you've been worried about a truck accident taking place on your route in Dallas, then you may like this new proposal that suggests drivers should have tracking devices in their vehicles. According to the news from March 13, the devices would be placed on buses and commercial trucks that cross state lines. Hopefully, since they would accurately display how long a driver was driving or how long the vehicle is in operation, there would be a lower chance for truck accidents due to drivers being tired or overworked.

Accident investigators have cited crashes that may have been caused by truck and bus drivers who were simply working too long. Some cases involved people who altered their logbooks to make it look like they had been driving for less time; others kept two sets of books to hide their real driving times from inspectors. But, this dangerous driving could and does lead to accidents.

28-year-old flees scene of car accident in Dallas

When you're hurt in a car accident, you don't want to have to worry about compensation or financial losses, let alone someone fleeing the scene of the accident and leaving you to suffer alone. This car accident in Dallas shows that some people are simply neglectful, so you shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes. According to the news, a 28-year-old man fled the scene of an accident because he had too much to drink before an accident. He was also allegedly high on marijuana while driving.

The Feb. 26 report claims that the 28-year-old man was weaving in and out of traffic when he struck a Ford Mustang at around 3:45 p.m. While he traveled on Interstate 35E, he caused damage and left a driver at the scene with injuries. He fled and headed toward Riverfront Boulevard, according to the arrest warrant.

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